Philadelphia Eagles vs Chicago Bears Memes

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The Bears hopeful for the SuperBowl

The Philadelphia Eagles beat the Chicago Bears at their home on the latest NFL playoff game this Sunday.

Birdbox style

It was a thrilling and jaw dropping game to the last second, literally.

Seriously, don’t you feel bad for the Bear’s kicker though?

Nick Foles on the phone…

Poor Cody Parkey, he will be the target of memes for a little bit.

An unlucky night.

Cody Parkey parking

But you also gotta give credit to the Eagles’ coach, who called for a time out just as Chicago was going to snap the ball the first time.

NFL Memes

Oh no you didn’t…
WTF just happened?

(Anti) Saints memes


Saints vs Vikings

The Vikings turned the game around and defeated the New Orleans Saints with a last-second play, scoring a touchdown and advancing on the playoffs to semifinals (Division finals) and a game away to advance to the Superbowl 2018.

Here’s a compilation of a few memes after the game.

Saints fans meme

Saints fans gon’ be like…

New Orleans Saints memes

New Orleans Saints choke

Saints who dat meme

New Orlean Saints? Ain’t nobody got time for who dat!

Vikings meme

Case Keenum throws a 61 yard pass to Steffon Diggs.

Ugandan Knuckles meme

Ugandan Knuckle meme origin


Ugandan Knuckle

The year 2018 has began with a meme currently taking over VRChat.

Videos of these red creatures annoying virtual reality characters have surfaced on Youtube and Reddit.

Ugandan Meme Origin

Ugandan meme character

The Ugandan Knuckles Meme is explained on this video by Techmace299

McGregor vs Mayweather best memes

Boxing Memes

McGregor vs Mayweather

Here’s a compilation of some of the best memes from after the Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather fight.

Simpsons predict Mayweather fight
Floyd beat up Conor on the 10th round by TKO after the referee stopped the fight.

Conor and Floyd after the fight

McGregor hugging Mayweather

Lovely hug

McGregor arms behind his back

Bring it..

McGregor Squarepants

Conor Squarepants

50 - 0 Meme

Fifty – Cero

Best eclipse memes

Best ECLIPSE memes, August 21 2017


Memes & pics

Trump, glasses, ETC

funny Eclipse glasses

Home-made Eclipse glasses

Trump looks at eclipse no glasses

Trump watches eclipse without glasses

Eclipse glasses funny

Home-made eclipse kit 101

Pepe Memes Eclipse

Rare pepe eclipse

Trump watches eclipse

Total eclipse from the heart.

No glasses meme

Hilary and Obama laughing pic

Eclipse pics

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Work memes

When you hate your job…

Aaron paul confused memes

Aaron Paul confused by fashion model


Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul is confused about fashion.

The Original Photo

Aaron Paul was in the audience at a fashion show in London, his facial expression denotes confusion
Aaron Paul Memes confused

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Aaron Paul and Walter White

Far from the meth lab…

Aaron Paul confused at the runway

Aaron Paul confused by fashion

Confused Aaron Paul meme

Breaking Bad memes


Crying Cormier Top 5 Best Funny Memes

UFC Memes

Crying Cormier

Crying Cormier has been the web’s trending topic tonight. The latest UFC fight took place this Saturday July 28th, where Jon Jones beat up Daniel Cormier on the third round in a brutal KO.

After the fight, Cormier gets interviewd by Joe Rogan as it usually happens after every UFC fight… the thing here is that Cormier caught everyone’s attnetion after “crying” live on camera, looking really really sad :/

Daniel Cormier Weed Meme

Cormier crying

When you’re out of weed… and think of those unnecessary joints you smoked.

Ok, we know this meme is not for everyone, but everyone is smoking weed nowadays… stoners in particular will understand this feeling.

Here is a compilation of 5 of the best memes from the Cormier vs Jones fight. The top funny Cormier crying memes. Enjoy!

UFC Memes
When you need your mom to hug you… and tell you everything is gonna be alright

You know that feeling, when you’ve failed and at life, and just want maternal support…

Cormier Trump meme
When she said she voted for Trump

That moment you tells you she voted for Donald Trump on this past election…

Crying Cormier UFC meme
When she calls you “Buddy”

Come on guys… we’ve all been on the much hated “friend zone”. That face expresses that same feeling we’ve all shared after being friend-zoned.

Michael Jordan Crying Cormier
Michael Jordan crying meme has become a classic in meme world… but now it seems that UFC fighter Daniel Cormier will take his spot in no time…

The best memes

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