Whitening skin documentary

Pakistan’s obsession with skin whitening products


Did you know

Is Pakistan “obsessed with fair skin? Asks BBC News.

Advertising about “fair skin” products and “skin whitening” is quite common in the country, and there are over 50 different skin whitening products on the market.

Skin Whitening Golden Pearl

Skin Whitening Products

In Islamabad and the rest of the country whitening and bleaching creams are very common on women and also men.

There are also salons that offer skin whitening treatments, which tell us that lighter skin is very desirable in Pakistan.

By the way, this is not only happening in Pakistan, also India and other countries.

Sorry bae

Big apology

Someone is doing a lot of apologizing

Anthony cumia talks about Hillary

Info Wars: Anthony Cumia & Alex Jones talk about Hillary


Tittled: Anthony Cumia: Hillary Slides Into Irrelevance, And Can’t Deal With It

Anthony Cumia talks about Trump’s victory, the role of Hillary Clinton, the lies from the media and all about the recent election with a “pro Trump” point of view.

screepy clown sighting

Clown sightings compilation

Creepy clowns have been appearing everywhere. No one seems to know why or how this got started, most likely just a prank. A very dangerous one.

Heres a video compilation of supposedly real clown sightings, although many of those look very fake and staged. What do you think?

Scary clowns

Niki and Gabi youtubers

How girls act on Snapchat

Famous youtubers Niki and Gabi (Niki de Mar & Gabriella de Martino) re-enact how most girls act while on Snapchat. Very funny and relatable if you are a girl and Snapchat addict.

How Girls Act on Snapchat! Niki and Gabi

In this video we make fun of ourselves and every girl that uses snapchat. We show you how girls use snapchat in different ways, and annoying things girls do on snapchat

What it’s like to be a Twin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkqqD
Different Types of Girls on SpringBreak: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55p5r…
Room Tours: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15ZYF…

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