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Back up Terry!

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Hilarious viral video, poor Terry can’t back up on time,

… before the fireworks explode next to him.

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Aaron paul confused memes

Aaron Paul confused by fashion model


Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul is confused about fashion.

The Original Photo

Aaron Paul was in the audience at a fashion show in London, his facial expression denotes confusion
Aaron Paul Memes confused

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Aaron Paul and Walter White

Far from the meth lab…

Aaron Paul confused at the runway

Aaron Paul confused by fashion

Confused Aaron Paul meme

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Crying Cormier Top 5 Best Funny Memes

UFC Memes

Crying Cormier

Crying Cormier has been the web’s trending topic tonight. The latest UFC fight took place this Saturday July 28th, where Jon Jones beat up Daniel Cormier on the third round in a brutal KO.

After the fight, Cormier gets interviewd by Joe Rogan as it usually happens after every UFC fight… the thing here is that Cormier caught everyone’s attnetion after “crying” live on camera, looking really really sad :/

Daniel Cormier Weed Meme

Cormier crying

When you’re out of weed… and think of those unnecessary joints you smoked.

Ok, we know this meme is not for everyone, but everyone is smoking weed nowadays… stoners in particular will understand this feeling.

Here is a compilation of 5 of the best memes from the Cormier vs Jones fight. The top funny Cormier crying memes. Enjoy!

UFC Memes
When you need your mom to hug you… and tell you everything is gonna be alright

You know that feeling, when you’ve failed and at life, and just want maternal support…

Cormier Trump meme
When she said she voted for Trump

That moment you tells you she voted for Donald Trump on this past election…

Crying Cormier UFC meme
When she calls you “Buddy”

Come on guys… we’ve all been on the much hated “friend zone”. That face expresses that same feeling we’ve all shared after being friend-zoned.

Michael Jordan Crying Cormier
Michael Jordan crying meme has become a classic in meme world… but now it seems that UFC fighter Daniel Cormier will take his spot in no time…

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Squirrel loves coffee

5 Coffee photos, memes & quotes

Coffe lovers

Memes, ETC

Cofee quotes ecard

There is no life without water, because without water, there is no coffee, and without coffee, I’ll kill you all.

Random WTF coffee cup cat

Vintage cat

Decaf coffee sucks

There’s a time and place for decaf coffee… never, and i the trash.

If coffee was an olympic sport

Me if coffee drinking ever becomes a sport.

Coffee and Yoga quotes

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Bugatti Chiron

How is a Bugatti made?



How is a Bugatti Chiron made?

Nat Geo clip


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Man wins first place reaction

How does it feel to win fist place?


Feeling of winning

Runner films himself running from start to finish, sharing the joy of leaving everyone behind.

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Get Out Movie Reviews

Movie review: Get Out (Chris Stuckmann)



Get Out movie review by Chris Stuckmann

It’s the directorial debut of Jordan Peele. A horror film told from a very unique perspective.

The story goes: A man is in the middle of an interracial relationship and he is told by his girlfriend that he is about to meet his family for the first time. Although they are unaware of the fact that he is black, so that really makes him feel awkward. Whe he gets there it all seems ok for a while until he begins to realize there is some sinister stuff going on behind the scenes.

Starring Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Bradley Whitford, Caleb Landry Jones, Catherine Keener, LilRel Howery.

Directed by Jordan Peele


Chris Stuckman Get OUt

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Whitening skin documentary

Pakistan’s obsession with skin whitening products


Did you know

Is Pakistan “obsessed with fair skin? Asks BBC News.

Advertising about “fair skin” products and “skin whitening” is quite common in the country, and there are over 50 different skin whitening products on the market.

Skin Whitening Golden Pearl

Skin Whitening Products

In Islamabad and the rest of the country whitening and bleaching creams are very common on women and also men.

There are also salons that offer skin whitening treatments, which tell us that lighter skin is very desirable in Pakistan.

By the way, this is not only happening in Pakistan, also India and other countries.